Keeping you safe when you visit

We welcome you to our practice and are here for you!

And…  COVID19 is not going away soon.  We are welcoming and easygoing- and must take certain precautions to keep everyone safe.    As you know: outside is better than inside, but if you must be inside minimize the number of people who “share the air” and minimize your exposure time.   Our safety protocol is designed to minimize the number of people in the space and minimize the time spent here.

1. One child, one parent.  No exceptions.   We’re not kidding!  Don’t bring the family.  Seriously, we won’t allow entry.

2. No mask = no entry.  Children older than 2 years are expected to wear a mask.  If babies can do it (many can!), then 2 year olds can do it.

3. No vented/valved masks.   These allow your exhalation to escape and therefore don’t stop the spread of virus.  If you arrive with such a mask, we will provide a surgical mask (you can swap to the surgical mask or wear it over your vented mask).

4. Waiting room chairs have been reduced in number, coupled and bound together, and are socially distanced from each other.  Don’t rearrange, please.

5. Our HVAC system has been upgraded with special filters and we circulate the air more frequently.  Certain areas also have air purifiers.

6. Upon entry, all are asked to apply sanitizer gel to hands or gloves (we provide it).

We can SAFELY get through this pandemic together by being smart, tough, and kind to each other.