We are committed to creating the safest possible environment for your visit. This requires everybody to do their part.    Distance x time = contagion risk.

  1. Do NOT come to the office if:

The patient OR ANYONE AT HOME in the last 2 to 14 days has:

      1. had sore throat, fever, fatigue, loss of smell, GI upset, sneezing, or coughing
      2. been in the presence of someone with known COVID-19 in the last 2 to 14 days.
      3. has visited a high-risk area in the past 2-14 days (updated list here:

Before you arrive, we will ask about these things. Do the right thing and be honest.   An eye exam is not worth someone else’s life.

  1. Forms are to be completed at home. We email forms that you can complete on your phone or computer; these automatically get placed in the chart when you finish.
    • If you cannot complete the online form, kindly bring a pen and something to lean against.
    • We will give you paper forms to complete outside the office if you didn’t do it online (hopefully, it won’t be raining that day!).
  1. One parent, one child.   We dislike doing this, but it’s how we control the number of people in the office at one time.   As soon as we can do away with this restriction, we will!
    • We know this is difficult, so we now offer early and weekend appointments to try to make it easier.
  2. No mask = no entry. Everyone 2 years+ must wear a mask/face covering.
    • Homemade mask or scarves are OK.
    • Vented masks do not fully protect others.  Kindly don’t wear one when you visit.  If you do, we will provide a regular mask that you can wear over a vented mask (or you can just wear the one we give you).
  3. We check temperature at the door. No entry if temperature >100.4.   No exceptions. Staff are checked twice daily.
  4. Kindly do not rearrange chairs. They are arranged for social distancing.
  5. Crying/screaming = very high risk to doctors.
    • Doctors will be wearing N95 masks and eye shields when examining young children and those likely to cry or scream.
    • Ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, and dentists have died from COVID they contracted from patients. These are high risk situations. Thank you for understanding.
  1. We will continue to deliver superb and appropriate care but the exam may seem a bit rushed.   Faster = safer.
    • If your child needs to be dilated, we might ask you put in eyedrops at home and return at a future date. Crying/screaming/yelling = increased virus transmission.
    • We dilate most patients in the office. You can wait in the waiting room or your car, if you prefer.
    • Unless dilation is necessary, we will err on the side of not doing it. In and out = safer for you + safer for us.
  2. No need to stop at the front desk to schedule the next visit 😊 We will call you.
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  1. wudan
    wudan says:

    Hello, my daughter’s Opth Doctor
    Dr. Du referred us to see you who thinks my daughter has strabismus. So I want to make an appointment. By the way, do you accept Healthfirst- childplus. Thank you.


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