We are committed to creating the safest possible environment for your visit. This requires everybody to do their part.    Distance x time = contagion risk.

  1. Do NOT come to the office if:

The patient OR ANYONE AT HOME in the last 2 to 14 days has:

      1. had sore throat, fever, fatigue, loss of smell, GI upset, sneezing, or coughing
      2. been in the presence of someone with known COVID-19 in the last 2 to 14 days.
      3. has visited a high-risk area in the past 2-14 days (updated list here:

Before you arrive, we will ask about these things. Do the right thing and be honest.   An eye exam is not worth someone else’s life.

  1. Do not come in anyone at home currently has COVID19 or is awaiting a test result.
  2. Please complete the forms we e-mail to you – this minimizes your time in the office.
  3. One parent, one child
  4. No mask = no entry.   All children older than 2 are expected to wear a mask.
  5. Our waiting rooms have 50% of their normal seating.  This allows for social distancing, but puts a limit on our capacity.
  6. If you are late or early, the office might not have room for you.  We will try our best to accommodate you, but you might need to reschedule.
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  1. wudan
    wudan says:

    Hello, my daughter’s Opth Doctor
    Dr. Du referred us to see you who thinks my daughter has strabismus. So I want to make an appointment. By the way, do you accept Healthfirst- childplus. Thank you.

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