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We are committed to creating the safest possible environment for your visit. This requires everybody to do their part.    Distance x time = contagion risk. Do NOT come to the office if: The patient OR ANYONE AT HOME in the last 2 to 14 days has: had sore throat, fever, fatigue, loss of smell, GI […]

UnitedHealthCare Insurance

Dear Patients & Family, The mission of our practice is to care for as many children as possible and remain in business while doing so – no easy feat in today’s world. The UnitedHealth Group has always reimbursed the lowest of all the insurances we accept, but we stayed in network to provide our much […]

Fidelis and Refraction

Approximately 2 months ago, Fidelis suddenly stopped paying for refraction (CPT 92015). Refraction is when an eye doctor measures how the eye puts things into focus and then figures out what to glasses prescribe (if any). This is very important for children younger than 8 years, as they can permanently lose vision (amblyopia) without the […]

COVID Update March 31, 2020

Dear Families, During this painful time, as we shelter in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, you should know that pediatric ophthalmologists become essential workers in the event of a medical or surgical emergency. While our sisters and brothers serve on the front lines, pediatric ophthalmologists remain ready to serve in the event we are […]